about us

Foundation: About 25  years ago, a tiny committed group of individuals (4 couples) came together with a big dream which led to a common calling, which eventually transitioned into what we call New Life Christian Fellowship. 

They began meeting weekly as a small group  in a home on Clouds Rest in 1994 and prayed and prayed and prayed. They had a heart for the people of Mariposa and dared to ask the question, "What could we do for our County and reach the people for Christ?" They decided their calling was to be a church to the "unchurched". Those who didn't know Jesus, who were disenchanted with God or religion and those who didn't even like "church." The doors would be open to those who looked the least likely  to be at church.  They became known as the "Ragamuffin" Church.  All were welcome.

Transition: The church began to grow in depth and in numbers.  Quickly outgrowing  their home group, they began meeting at the Lush Meadows Community Center--which led to the Mariposa Fish & Game building. When they outgrew that., the High School Auditorium was home for them until they bought the 5 acres where NLCF stands. At the time, the only building was a small body shop (our church offices & nursery now,) and as they grew, they would open it up into the outdoors with canopies above their heads.  Lastly, they built the building we worship in today--adding a gymnasium so the property could also be used by the community. Our "home" has been shared by many different groups for numerous community and church events. The tradition continues to this day.

Today: We are thankful for the rich heritage we have and continue to build upon the foundation.  We remain dedicated to welcoming anyone through our doors with love. We're rarely called a "Ragamuffin" church any more, but we remain a very diverse bunch! We hope you will feel welcome no matter where you are in life,  Our desire and passion is for everyone to come to salvation through Jesus and to grow deeper in that relationship with Him and others. We love our family--there's always room for more...please join us!

who we are

New Life Christian


Strategic Mindset

"For no one can lay any

foundation other than the

one we already have--

Jesus Christ"

1 Corinthians 3:11 NLT

Body of Believers:

Every member's a minister.


Worship Service    Outreach     Small Groups     Children/Youth


Worship     Discipleship     Prayer     Evangelism     Community

Core Values:

God's Word     Honoring His Presence     Faith     Spiritual Gifts     Relationships

Mission Statement:

Reaching Mariposa and beyond with the Love of Jesus.


We strive to be a community who honors God by

raising up faithful, prayerful followers of Christ

who are committed to living a NEW LIFE

which impacts those around us and the nations

of the world with the love of God.

Strategic Summary:

Practicing the GREAT commandment

Fulfilling the GREAT commission

Identity Markers:




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the river

"What good is it, dear brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but don't show it by your actions? Can that kind of faith save anyone?" James 2:14  (NLT)

At New Life we like viewing Church as an active rushing river

rather than a still and quiet lake. 

So our goal is to provide services and activities

that are purposeful and naturally progress people into a deepening

relationship with God, 

a better understand of themselves and a framework to help grow them

into full maturity as an active member in the Body of Christ. 

We thus must ask ourselves: 

 "If we only have an average of 24 months with each individual, 

what are the six most important "deliverables" we hope to achieve

during their time with us?" 

We believe these six steps are paramount

to the Christian faith...the ride down the River:

1.  Relationship with Christ

           2.  Community Connection

                                     3.  Deliverance/Recovery

                        4.  Spiritual Disciplines

  5.  Spiritual Gifts

         6.  Reproduction

New Life Christian Fellowship

5089 Cole Road

Mariposa, CA 95338

209. 966.7734