bible reading 

We talked about "Quiet Time" (In our discussion on Prayer) which is really just setting time apart from your busy schedule to spend time doing things that will draw you closer to the Lord.  This is also a great time to study the Bible and/or read a devotional (books that helps us focus on a Bible passage or Biblical truth) or other Christ-centered books. This is not a chore but a privilege. 

If you feel as if you don't have want to crack open the Bible (but it is highly encouraged) have a Bible reading delivered to your computer, notebook, or phone each day if that's the best way you read--or listen to it. Learn different ways to read the Bible. You may want to read a book at a time (every Title in the Bible is actually a "book" for instance, Genesis, Exodus...Matthew, John, Revelation, etc...) You may want to read the Bible chronologically, study certain passages (Like John 3:16) or different words (like hope, faith, love, anger, righteousness, etc...) How about reading the same passage or book in different translations? A resource like can let you see many verses (called parallel versions) at the same time.

You can also meditate on certain stories or verses or use your imaginations to put yourself in the midst of the story. There are different reading plans that can help you to read the Bible in one, two, or three years. These are just a few creative means to reading the Bible. What matters is that you get into the Bible so the Bible can get into you. Most importantly, talk to God about what you read. "What does this mean?" or "How can I use this truth in my own life?." It matters little if you accomplish the task--but much if you read it and understand it for your life.  

You may want to Journal what you learn too!  Journaling your thoughts and questions and prayers about what you read can bring further understanding and opens up more communication with God. 

There are some great resources on the web for Bible Reading Plans and devotionals. Here are a few for consideration. (Not an exhaustive list...just a few to get you started.) (Please use wise discretion on all sites visited. These organizations are their own entities and New Life Christian Fellowship cannot explore everything presented on these websites and is not responsible for their content; nor does New Life encourage nor discourage financial support of these sites nor is soliciting for such.) Most are also available for smart phone apps.

For Bible Reading Plan, Looking Up Bible Verse, Sign up for Verse of the Day: Bible Gateway

For Bible Reading Plans or Looking Up Verses: YouVersion

For Bible Reading Plans-on line or printables: One Year Bible

For Bible Reading Plans: Zondervan

For Bible Reading Plan Plus: Walk Thru The Bible

For Daily Bible Reading: American Bible Society

For Bible Reading Plan and Devotional: Biblica: Manna & Biblica

Reading For Daily Growth (sign up on this website): Reflections Ministry

For Inspiration: Daily Bread

For Discipleship resources: NavPress Discipleship Devotional and more

In our society today, there are so many things that compete for your attention, you need to purpose to include God. Make that choice. Trust Him that He has a great plan for you and let Him lead. The way for that to happen is spend time with Him. Enjoy!!

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