congregational care

Pastor Dan Horst 209.966.7734

The Lord has instructed to serve the body, to carry each other's burdens, to minister and love one another.  We are all ministers and these teams are the "sharing" part of our body.  Take a look at all the ways you can serve and if you think you have the gifts to support the body at New Life, contact Pastor Dan.

  • prayer team

    Being a member of the Prayer Team is a joy and honor. There are times when you will pray for others in the comfort of your own home, during worship service, after service with others, special events, Wednesday team group, and more.

    Being a part of the Team doesn't mean you can't pray! Please do! However, if you want to join a team with like minded intercessors, please contact Pastor Dan.

    Sunday Morning Prayer Team Coordinator: Carol Holland

    Wednesday Morning Prayer Meeting Coordinator: Gary Allen

    Thursday Evening Prayer Meeting Coordinator: Danny Fluke

    Prayer Chain Administrator: Sandra Burtt

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  • counseling

    If you have the gift of counseling and a passion for people making right choices, you many want to be a part of a lay counseling team that will be in the future. You'll want to contact Pastor Dan for questions and information and assessment.

    If you are in need of counseling, you can make an appointment with Pastor Dan, as well. Contact our office.

  • benevolence team

    Leader: Jimmy Moore

    There are always needs within the body and we want to help in times of wanting. Food needs, utilities, or just making ends meet can be tough sometimes and others need just a little help. Unfortunately, we don't have unlimited funds, so it is the members of our Benevolence Team that must assess the needs and distribute accordingly. If you are good with money and high on mercy gifts, this may be where you can serve. Contact Pastor Dan and see where you can help.

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  • grief share

    Small Group Leader: Tim Theurer 209.966.6961

    Our grief share Bible Study is open to anyone who would like support in grieving the loss of someone close.. Some of our greatest need comes from grieving--and one of the times when we least likely know we need it.   As this crucial study expands and grows, more leaders will be needed to love and support. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Dan or Tim Theurer. 

    Click on the Word GriefShare for more information about the Bible Study. and the picture for a short promotional video.

    If you want to attend the group, click here

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  • in Home food service

    Leader: Bonnie Hobby 209.966.3921

    When a crisis its the last thing someone needs is to think about dinner.  If you've every had a baby, or surgery, or a death in the familly, you can understand the need to feed.  If you love to bless others by organizing or providing a meal for those in a temporary situation, please contact Bonnie Hobby or the Church for how you can be on a list of those to call.

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  • in home & hospital & jail visitations

    The Lord has told us in the Bible that if we visit and take care the sick or those in jail, we have done it for Him. (Matt. 25)  We're all connected but sometimes circumstances prevent us from being together which can make someone feel isolated and alone.

    Our team of individuals visit those who cannot come to the church, who are ill or lonely and shares the love of Christ.  If you have compassion for those in need and would take time to visit them, please contact Pastor Dan and join this loving team.

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