mission team member

We believe that everyone should have a chance to hear the word of God and make a decision to accept His loving grace and salvation in our own homes, our workplace, our church, our community, our country and our world.

God uses different means to accomplish this goal. Some individuals are called to be teachers, some to be pastors, some to be evangelists, some to be missionaries, some to feed the hungry or clothe the naked, some to visit those who are sick or in prison, and some to support those with those callings throughout the world. Our missions team is designed to support our missionaries and local outreaches by raising awareness, physical and financial support, and most importantly in prayer.   

If you have a passion for missions, missionaries or evangelists and would like to know how to best serve, please contact us.  If you have the gift of giving or organization or would like to be on a team (or you are available to volunteer once in awhile,) we'd love for you to join us.

 Contact us if you are interested.