maureen Horst

I was just 3 months old and youngest of 4 when my family moved from Edmonds, Washington to Portland, OR, after making the trek from North Dakota a year or so before.    So, the beautiful  Northwest equipped me with gorgeous mountains, pine needles. hiking boots, and flannel which I would need when we moved to Mariposa.  (Where you actually need them.)  Although still a "flat lander" who doesn't like bugs and gets excited when I see wildlife, I have grown to love it.

When I was 7, my mother married a gentleman who had 3 daughters but I still retained the baby status. (Score!) My family was fiercely loyal and protective of me, I was always taken care of...but we didn't attend Church and we didn't know about Jesus. At age 12, when I learned that Easter was not about bunnies and eggs, I discovered the Lover of my Soul and accepted His offer of Salvation. 

I am used to moving around.  My childhood consisted of 9 moves and 4 school changes. After High School I attended Art School in Denver, CO for 1 1/2 and 3 moves, before running back to the Northwest (Seattle this time) for another 1 1/2 (and 4 moves) before returning to the Portland Area.  Shortly thereafter, attending college and working full-time, a client introduced me to a very handsome stranger and I discovered the lover of my heart.  7 months later I accepted his offer of marriage, and within 3 months I changed my name.  Over 3 decades later, I'd say I made the right choice.  (Married in 1988)  20 months later I discovered the joy of my life--a baby girl (Sarah-1989) and another joy nearly 2 years later (Grace 1991) and accepted the offer of motherhood.  I have loved every moment of it.  Truly.  I have been incredibly blessed with the children the Lord gave me.  I now have the explainable privilege of not only being called Momma, but also friend.  My girls are my best friends. Sarah  married her own Knight in Shining Armor in 2019 and I gained an amazing son, Isacc. She will graduate in 2020 with her BA in ECE.  Both love and serve the Lord with all their hearts.  They live close by in Turlock but my baby, Gracie, has been far away for sometime in Minnesota.  2019 marked 10 years gone from her family home.  She is either globe-trotting to Africa, Asia, Europe or Central America sharing the love of Christ and discipling High School students or being the Media Director for the organization she has been with for 13 years, Reign Ministries.  What a joy to know she serves God, even though she is missed so much.  I am thankful we are all still so close at heart.

I didn't marry a Pastor but 3 years later I became a Pastors wife. And we have never looked back. 2 years at our Church in Oregon (and 2 moves), 17 years in Merced, CA (and 2 moves), and now we've been with NLCF since 2009 (6 moves.)  Throughout all our years, I've worn many hats (too many to mention) in business and at Church; currently as Women's Ministry Leader and First Impressions Coordinator besides being a full time Pastoral Support. (Supporting my awesome Husband!) ha! (And working on becoming a writer.)

I am at my best when I can spend time with Jesus- in study and in worship and whom I deeply love.  I love to encourage people and use what God has given me for His glory.  Dan's and my heart is to refresh the Saints whenever we can through rest and renewal in our home or where ever God places us.  The Lord has been gracious to use me in a myriad of ways and continues to take the best care of me.  I am BLESSED!