dan horst

Associate pastor, elder, board memeber, sheriff's chaplain

Born in San Bernardino California (So. Cal) into a Christian family, I grew up in the Church and always had a strong sense of the Lord in my life. I was baptized at age 9 and felt the Lord telling me I would be in full-time ministry one day. Because I was an all-season sports fanatic (basketball, baseball and track)  I never learned to play the piano, I preferred the outdoors (much to my mother's dismay.) My family ran the Rescue Mission in SB but was transferred to Medford, Oregon when I was 17. 

After graduation, I went up North to Portland to attend Judson Baptist College. I worked in various employment positions and joined Montavilla Baptist as a lay Youth Pastor. Later, in 1986 I partnered with a friend and opened an Employment Agency in downtown Portland. I met my lovely bride, Maureen, in 1987, a "born and raised" North-westerner and we were married in 1988. We welcomed our amazing daughters into the world in 1989 (Sarah) and 1991 (Grace.) Both Maureen and I volunteered as College/Career Age leaders, Men's Ministry Leader (me) and Women's Ministry Leader (Maureen) until I was asked to join the staff as Men's Pastor at Easthill Foursquare Church in Gresham, Oregon in 1991. Never getting used to all that rain, however, I was more than happy to follow God's leading back to California to Merced where I joined Yosemite Church as Associate Pastor in 1993. 

The years at YC brought many positions that I developed then released as the church grew; Nursery-to-death we used to call it. I found that my heart was for people of all ages to meet Jesus, make healthy choices, grow in Christ and live lives that honor God. I love partnering with people and coming alongside them on the path of righteousness. 

I had the privilege of joining New Life in 2009, and we moved to the beautiful foothills in 2010 with Yosemite in our own backyard! I continue to have a passion for helping others draw near to Christ and grow in Spiritual Formation. I love serving God and others as I listen to His voice. In my spare time, I love to walk, fish, hike (starting to) relax, and spend lots of time with my wife as empty-nesters; watching movies, (Clint Eastwood is my all time favorite) entertaining all our out of town guests (even if it is just from Merced) or exploring the Sierras.

Besides being my biggest cheerleader and greatest support, Maureen has served NLCF in the area of ministry placement, Women's Ministry, special projects, teaching/preaching team, small group leader, blog writer and website creator. She has a great passion for using her creative abilities to bring honor to the Lord. She loves people and desires them to feel/know Christ's abundant love and grow in their spiritual walks. Her children are her joy and tries to support (long distance) these amazing women; Sarah, our beautiful "Super Nanny' to 4 little ones and recently obtained BA in Early Childhood Education met the love of her life and I had the privilege of marrying AND giving away my daughter to an amazing man in May 2019.  Our new son, Isacc is a gifted drummer, incredible speaker, tenacious prayer warrior and walks deeply with Holy Spirit.  He also works with Autistic Children and will graduate as a Social Worker from Stanislaus State. They live in Turlock. We couldn't be more blessed.  Gracie as our full time courageous Missionary based in Minnesota with Reign Ministries. She has been in Missions since she was 15 with the same company and runs the Media/Social Network/Alumni Department as the director. We cannot have fuller hearts than knowing our children love and serve God.

I find it a great honor to be a part of the New Life family and serve as a Pastor in His body.