NLCF 2021 Reading the Word Together

Starting July 1 through the rest of the year, we have provided a reading plan for our New Life family to spend time in the Word “separately-together!” 

What does that mean? Meaning we are all reading the same thing (together)  but in our own personal time with the Lord (separately.)

Spending time in the Word is crucial to our walk with Jesus and gives us a moment to stop, look and listen to Him.  

Stop: Carve out a few minutes each day to read, journal, and pray.

Look: Don’t just read the scripture, look for a special sentence or passage that really stands out. 

Listen: Ask the Lord to show you what He wants to give you regarding that word.

“What’s it say?’  

“What’s it mean?”

“What does it mean to me?”

A journal is a great way to get it from your head to your heart! Take a moment to write down that special passage, what the Lord reveals to you, and even your prayer.  

Whether you are new to reading the Word or have your own reading plan, take time to read these passages each day. We will literally then “be on the same page” for this second half of the year.  When the Body of Christ does things in unison, there is no limit to the move of Christ in our hearts as one! We are better together!  

How does it work?  We suggest you:

Pray before you begin.

Read the scripture on the reading plan each day.

Write down your thoughts/scripture/prayer, etc…

Thank the Lord for time together!

Check off your list.

Simple but so effective!  Enjoy this time!