dan horst

associate pastor, elder, board member, Sheriff's chaplain

I had the privilege of joining New Life in 2009, and we moved to the beautiful foothills in 2010 with Yosemite in our own backyard! I continue to have a passion for helping others draw near to Christ and grow in Spiritual Formation. I have found that my heart is for people of all ages to meet Jesus, make healthy choices, grow in Christ and live lives that honor God. I love partnering with people and coming alongside them on the path of righteousness. 

I grew up in San Bernardino, son of a Rescue Gospel Mission’s Director and raised in Church. It was when I was 9 that a traveling missionary visited my church that I knew I wanted to serve God in full-time ministry. Moving with my family to Medford, Oregon when I was 17, I finished school and studied at Judson Baptist College in Portland shortly after High School. A series of events led me to partnering with a friend and owning my own Employment Agency when the Lord finally called me into that full-time Ministry I had prayed for when I was young. At EastHill Foursquare Church, I became the Men’s Pastor and 2 short years after, the Lord returned me to sunny California (thank you Jesus! Never got used to the rain!!)  to become the “pastor of everything else” (birth to death so to speak) as Associate Pastor in Merced at Yosemite Church. We grew rapidly and as we did, I was able to come alongside leaders and release them into ministry to where, 17 years later, I left as the Counseling, Men’s, Congregational Care, and Small Groups Pastor. Which landed me, as I said before, in Mariposa to serve New Life in 2009 and have “worn all the hats” while here.

Also, one of my greatest privileges and joys is serving as Chaplain to our Sheriff's Department. We are very fortunate to have these men serve and protect our community and I love being a part.

I met my wife Maureen in Portland, while still there, and we married in 1988. We have built a loving marriage that continues and she has followed me into Ministry hand-in-hand. Our girls were both born in Oregon, but having moved them at ages 4 and 2, they are definitely California beauties. Sarah, our oldest, is a Pre-School Teacher and Isacc, her wonderful husband, works with Autistic Children as he obtains his degrees from Stanislaus. Our youngest, Grace, is our full-time Missionary and has been in this field 15 years (started as a student at 15) with the same organization, Reign Ministries, in Minnesota. (She has lived there for 13 years.) We are so proud to call these amazing people our own!

Maureen and I enjoy people! We love having friends over, playing games, relaxing, enjoying our times of rest either here or at the Coast, helping others, spending time with family (and fram-ily,) a good movie, a great steak, the Dodgers and Cowboys, our sabbath rests--but mostly helping people see the love of Christ for them.