We Believe there is only ONE GOD who is in three Persons:

GOD THE FATHER  who is the Creator of the universe, the source and sustainer of life. 

GOD THE SON, JESUS, who came down to earth in the form of man, being born of a virgin and conceived by the Holy Spirit, He is fully God and fully man who died on the cross to redeem us

GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT who is the Comforter; giver of power and direction, inspiration and spiritual gifts; He is present in the hearts and lives of believers. 

We believe the BIBLE is the Word of God. It was written by men under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, it is infallible in everything it teaches, and it is still inspired by the Holy Spirit every time a believer reads it. 

We believe that all people are sinners and forgiveness of sins was purchased by the blood of Jesus. Salvation is only available by the Grace of God through our faith in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection and acceptance of Him as our personal Lord & Savior. 

We believe that membership in the Body of Christ comes through a personal relationship with Jesus and not registration on a local Church role.

We believe the Holy Sacraments of Baptism and Communion were instituted by Christ and given to the Church as a means of remembrance and participation in His life, death, and resurrection, and He is present in the observance of them. 

We believe that our life in Christ is meant to be lived in community with other believers

We believe that the hands and feet of Christ are the local Church and that all members of the body are to be ministers to each other, their community, and their world according to the gifts imparted to them by the Holy Spirit.

We believe that God ordained the union of marriage to be exclusively between one man and one woman and anything else is going against His Word. (Mark 10:6-9.)



We believe that EVERYONE has a place, that all are given gifts and talents to use for the Kingdom of God and that everyone gets to play! We encourage you share your gifts and be connected to the Body of Christ ! 



One of the identity markers that our the New Life family desire to exude and exemplify is being genuine, 

Christ-Centered and loving! 


We are so grateful for the opportunities to locally and globally partner with other individuals and organizations  in strategic effectiveness of spreading the gospel. We honor our local community by being a blessing and resource, as well as support, partner, and send many missionaries all over the world. 


Our core values and essentials are God's Word, Honoring His Presence, Faith, Spiritual gifts and Relationships. 

We also aim to practice and live out worship, discipleship, ministry, evangelism and community. 


Foundation: A little over 29  years ago, a tiny committed group of individuals (4 couples) came together with a big dream which led to a common calling, which eventually transitioned into what we call New Life Christian Fellowship. 

They began meeting weekly as a small group  in a home on Clouds Rest in 1994 and prayed and prayed and prayed. They had a heart for the people of Mariposa and dared to ask the question, "What can we do for our County and reach the people for Christ?" They decided their calling was to be a church to the "unchurched" --those who didn't know Jesus, who were disenchanted with God or religion, and those who didn't even like "church." The doors would be open to those who looked the least likely  to be at church.  They became known as the "Ragamuffin" Church.  All were welcome.

Transition: The church began to grow in depth and in numbers.  Quickly outgrowing  their home group, they began meeting at the Lush Meadows Community Center--which led to the Mariposa Fish & Game building. When they outgrew that, the High School Auditorium was home for them until they bought the 5 acres where NLCF currently stands. At the time, the only building was a small body shop (our church offices & nursery now,) and as they grew, they would open it up into the outdoors with canopies above their heads.  Lastly, they built the building we worship in today--adding a gymnasium so the property could also be used by the community. Our "home" has been shared by many different groups for numerous community and church events. The tradition continues to this day.

Today: We are thankful for the rich heritage we have and continue to build upon the foundation.  We remain dedicated to welcoming anyone through our doors with love. We're rarely called a "Ragamuffin" church any more, but we remain a very diverse bunch! We hope you will feel welcome no matter where you are in life.  Our desire and passion is for everyone to come to salvation through Jesus and to grow deeper in that relationship with Him and others. We love our family--and there's always room for more...please join us!